Why hire an instrument?

Have you ever taken up a new hobby with great enthusiasm, only to drop it when it fails to live up to expectations? Our house is littered with unloved sporting equipment and fancy cooking apparatus, most discarded once it became clear that the owner was not going to become world-class in the discipline without a little hard work…

A Question of Origin

A Question of Origin

How does one determine the nationality of an instrument? Should it be the origin of the maker, the style/construction method, or where the instrument was actually made? Of course the question all too often is ‘can we call this Italian?’.

In the case of this 1849 Charles Boullangier violin, however, the answer is somewhat complex... 

Scotland Here We Come!

We will be at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland on the 29th October with a huge range of our carefully-chosen instruments, including a new selection of fine student instruments. All instruments and bows will be available for a free two week trial period, after which we will be back in Glasgow to collect any instruments that aren’t quite right. We’re really excited about getting to know a whole new group of musicians; please do visit us if you can!