Payment by Instalments

Installment plan header image

Whilst we understand how important it is to play on a great instrument, we also understand that this can be simply impossible due to financial reasons.

As part of our commitment to our customers and to our belief that every musician should have access to a brilliant instrument, we are always willing to consider payment by instalments at no extra cost. The feasibility of an instalment plan is dependent on the specific instrument: we sell some instruments on behalf of private individuals and in these instances it can be more difficult to put together a plan which works for all parties. However we will always explore this option if you require us to.

We always advise you to tell us earlier rather than later in the buying process if you would like to pay by instalments in order that we can advise you accordingly. We will work with you to put together a plan which is manageable: we will always be as flexible as possible about the timeframe and number of payments so that you are able to purchase your perfect instrument or bow in a manner that works for you.

Our part exchange scheme may also be of interest: more details about this can be found here.