Instrument Appraisal

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What is my instrument worth?

Do you want to know what your violin, viola, cello or bow is worth? Or perhaps a little more about its provenance and history? We offer a free informal valuation service to answer all of your questions!

How does the valuation work?

Informal valuations are offered in our Edinburgh shop, strictly by appointment only. During the appointment, we will be able to talk you through the history of the instrument or bow and give you an idea of its value. We will also offer you our opinions on any repairs that might need done and recommend the right luthier for the job. There is never a charge for this service.

Selling your instrument

Are you wondering about how to sell your violin, viola, cello or bow? Once you know the value of your instrument, you may wish to consider selling. There are many options for selling instruments and we are always happy to discuss your requirements and to help you come up with a plan for realising the best price possible for your instrument or bow. We often buy instruments and bows outright or offer to sell them on consignment, however it may be that putting you in touch with a suitable auction house or another violin dealer may better suit your requirements. Please see our selling page for further information.