If you are reading this then you have somehow arrived at my little corner of cyberspace. Please make yourself at home, but don't expect anything more from me than some incoherent ramblings and vague delusions of grandeur!

I am writing to you from the extremely small office in my London flat. I can barely fit my chair behind my desk, and yet I'm beaming (yes that is smile, not the grimace from my cramping legs...), for I am doing something now that I have been wanting to do for some time.

My fascination with instruments began as an avoidance tactic from violin practice: my parents are both strings players and there were always plenty of violins around to try out. Swapping instruments and bows around was way more fun than scales and Kreutzer! Very soon however, I developed a genuine interest in why one violin sounded different to the next, an interest that continued to develop throughout my years at the Royal College of Music and into a career as a freelance violinist.

Countless violins (and one oboe) later, I am finally ready to admit that spending my time selling violins is what I want to do. However I intend to both have my cake and eat it, and will still be playing! You can't get rid of me that easily.

Soon to happen, more instruments are on the way! Not very many on the website at the moment but expect a steady trickle over the next little while, and yes I will provide pictures of an increasingly cramped office!