First Week and Starbucks

Wow, what a first week! In the week after I launched my Facebook page, I've had over 1200 page views, lots of support from friends sharing and liking the page, and even 5 enquiries about instruments I have for sale. I thought that making people aware of my new business would be a slow process – I'm delighted that it isn't proving to be so far!

This got me thinking about how times have changed. Using my website as my shop window would not have been possible 15 years ago. Nowadays the opposite is true, in fact it has many advantages; the violin business doesn't benefit from walk in trade in the same way that a Starbucks does for instance, so it means that I can be much more flexible and available for my clients. Musicians don't often have a regular schedule so it's very useful to be able to go and meet clients for a coffee when they have a spare 20 minutes rather than expecting them to trek across town to me.

On another note entirely, in case you may be wondering if I have any other violins if all 5 enquiries had led to sales, the answer is most certainly yes, watch this space! Do remember also that I take instruments on consignment. So if you have something needing to be sold, get in touch to see if I can be of help! If its not for me then I will always be able to advise possible alternative avenues.

Tim Wright Fine Violins, coming to a coffee shop near you...