Visiting Tim Wright Fine Violins

How to find us


We are located in Marchmont, central Edinburgh, on the 41 bus route. There is metered parking all around the shop and several great cafés in the area. We are about half an hour’s walk from Edinburgh Waverley railway station, and half an hour’s drive from Edinburgh Airport.

If you are in the area and don’t have an appointment, or fancy just popping in, please feel free. If you would like to come for a longer visit or need some advice, an appointment is recommended.


Main Showroom


Here is the main showroom. With 4m high ceilings and being a large room, it has an excellent acoustic for trying instruments. Not being too resonant, too dry, it tends to help bring out the true characteristics of the instruments being tried, both good and bad. I find this very helpful, both for my own use when testing instruments, but also for customers trying things. There is no point giving customers a flattering acoustic, for them only to find the instrument doesn’t sound nearly as good as they thought as soon as they get it home!


I have a great many reference books at the shop. Along side my digital (digitised?) databases and archives, these are essential for one of the most important parts of my job: attributing instruments! As I offer free valuations, I get several visitors each week from people looking to find out more about their instrument. The instruments vary a lot from new-ish Chinese instruments to truly ancient artefacts (the oldest so far has been 17th century), and from professional musicians prized instruments to what is probably the most common of all: “my Grandfather used to play this”. But as a true violin enthusiast, I am happy to take a look at anything at all, and to advise you on how old it is, where it was likely made, the condition, the value of the instrument, and how I’d advise bringing it to market, if you are looking to sell. It is something I never tire of.

The Stockroom


Here is the stock room. As you can see, we have rather a lot of instruments! This is one of the parts of the shop that I am most proud of. Each instrument here has been chosen by me for a combination of tone, playability, condition and provenance. I can’t, of course, say that every instrument in the shop is in perfect condition, but instruments with repairs come with visual condition reports and are priced accordingly. Price can deal with a lot, both condition and attribution problems mean that, provided it is still a good violin, if priced lower, it can still an appealing instrument. However, it is worth saying that tone is a non negotiable. If the instrument doesn’t sound good, you wont find it in our stock room!

Photo studio


Here is a further store room and instrument photo studio. People travel for hundreds of miles to take advantage of our photostudio, which is set up exactly right for stringed instruments. They are singularly hideous things to take pictures of, with the curved arching and reflective varnish. Having a professional lighting and a good digital SLR with appropriate lense really does make a world of difference!