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We are delighted to announce that we have opened a new workshop! The workshop offers repairs and maintenance for instruments and bows, as well as a bow rehairing service.

The workshop is based at 2 Warrender Park Road, EH9 IJQ. Appointments are by arrangement only.

About Guillaume Sabatier

We are very pleased to introduce Guillaume Sabatier, Workshop Manager at Wright Violins. Guillaume trained at the Mirecourt School of Violin Making before setting up his own workshop in Liège and we are delighted that he has moved to Scotland to join us here in Edinburgh.

In addition to his exceptional craftsmanship, Guillaume is a talented violinist and cellist. This is particularly helpful during tonal adjustments as he is brilliant at understanding exactly what is needed.

Bow rehairs

We are pleased to offer a bow rehair service. These cost £70 inclusive of VAT and take place on site. We offer 5 rehair slots a week and are unable to offer an emergency service once these slots are full.

Further Information

We understand that having work done on your instrument can be a very stressful time. We will always be happy to discuss repairs with you and to give you a clear understanding of how the cost of a repair relates to the value of an instrument or bow.

Make an appointment

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