Part Exchange Scheme

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We understand that sometimes a customer's money is already tied up in an instrument, making purchasing another one difficult. We are always willing to look into accepting a violin, viola, cello or bow in part exchange, from student outfits right through to professional-quality instruments and bows. If the instrument isn't quite right for us then we are happy to talk through other options for selling it and we may be able to recommend someone else who might be interested buying the instrument or selling it on your behalf.

How does part exchange work?

The process begins with Tim completing a valuation on the instrument or bow you wish to part exchange. This will always be honest and evidence-based: he will take time to explain his calculations to you and to make sure that the value he assigns to the instrument makes sense to its owner.

Some clients prefer to have their own instrument valued before trying other instruments so that they have a clear sense of the sums involved, others prefer not to begin the valuation process until they have found the instrument they wish to purchase. Either is perfectly fine by us!

Once you have chosen the instrument or bow you wish to purchase, the value agreed for your own instrument is taken off the sale price. This is possible for almost all of our instruments and bows, however there are a few exceptions. Letting us know that you might be interested in part exchange from the outset helps to make sure that we always flag up any instruments which might not be eligible for the scheme.

Student Instrument Part Exchange

We offer a part exchange scheme when upgrading to a more expensive instrument from an instrument that was purchased from us. This scheme is particularly useful as children move up the sizes of instrument or for players who wish to upgrade their instrument over time. This scheme is subject to the instrument returning in saleable condition and excludes VAT and the price of a bow rehair and set of strings.

We are always happy to discuss part exchange on student instruments purchased from elsewhere.