The Klotz Family of Mittenwald

The Klotz family of Mittenwald produced stunning instruments equal to many of the Italian violins being made at the same time. Find out more about these often under-rated instruments.

F Hole Models

String instruments are usually made according to a set of characteristics known as a model. A luthier might choose to use one of four primary models (Stradivari, Guarneri del Gesù, Amati or Stainer), to use a slightly more unusual model, or to strike out on their own using a personal model.

Trial appointments: what should I take with me?

One of the great joys of our work is that it’s hugely varied: we get to work with everyone from very young musicians to brilliant professional players from lots of different musical traditions. This variety means that there are no hard and fast rules about what to bring along when you’re trying instruments or bows with us: hopefully this list will give you some ideas but feel free to disregard anything that doesn’t suit! In general, we suggest the following

Funding your instrument: where to find help

Buying your perfect musical partner can often be a major investment. The good news is that there are a number of organisations who might be able to help. We’ve listed a number of organisations who regularly support players with the purchase of an instrument or bow. They tend to be quite specific, so it is worth doing lots of research to find one that really fits your circumstances.

Daniel Parker and his influence

For many aficionados of violins, the instruments of the early London maker Daniel Parker are like the holy grail: rare, precious and mysterious. To understand why, one must delve into who Parker was, where he lived, and those with whom he worked.

Buying a violin online: our reflections on socially-distanced instrument shopping

As many of you know, we are musicians first and foremost: removing the possibility of visiting a violin shop and playing the instruments in person felt like an obstacle that was impossible to overcome. Nearly a year on, I’m happy to tell you that our socially-distanced process has proved to be very popular and that we are confident that it represents a viable alternative to visiting us in person for as long as this is necessary.

Instrumental bargains and how to find them

Our aim here at Tim Wright Fine Violins is always to source instruments which offer fantastic value for money; instruments which sound far better than their price would suggest. One top tip for those of you searching for such an instrument is to consider broadening your search to makers from less well-regarded schools.

Business so far…

Blogging is on my to-do-list, somewhere above filing tax returns but lagging sadly behind anything to do with looking at beautiful instruments and bows. It’s been five months since my last communication and so it seemed like time for an update!

Pictures of Joseph Hill now up

This violin was made in London by Joseph Hill, the first recorded violin maker of the famous Hill dynasty. Joseph was the great-grandfather of William Ebsworth Hill, who started the firm W. E. Hill and Sons. As far as we know, Joseph Hill was an honest and hard working violin maker, unlike his youngest son, Lockey Hill who was hanged for stealing horses!