Student Instrument Hire Scheme

Student hire scheme header image

The Student Hire Scheme offered by Tim Wright Fine Violins here in Edinburgh has been set up to provide an alternative to purchasing an instrument outright.

This scheme is particularly useful for those who have just taken up an instrument and don’t yet feel ready to commit to buying. The Hire Scheme lasts for a set period of 3 months.

What is included in the outfit?

The outfit is made up of a good-quality violin or viola, a good-quality wooden bow, rosin, and a shaped or oblong case. Shoulder rests can be purchased separately if required.

All of our hire instruments are set up to Tim’s exacting standards and are thoroughly checked before leaving the shop.

What if I outgrow the instrument?

If you outgrow your instrument, you can exchange it for a larger size at any time during the 3 month hire period.

Who is the scheme for?

Anyone! Parents of young children who are just starting out often find it helpful to rent an instrument whilst the child decides if they are interested in playing. We also have a number of adult clients who are renting a violin in order to start lessons or take the instrument up again.

Maintenance and support

Tim is on hand to support you with your instrument at any time during the hire period: everyone is always very welcome to pop in for help with maintaining your instrument. We stock a full range of strings and accessories and Tim is always delighted to help customers to personalise the set up to suit their needs.

Hire period

The term of hire is set at 3 months; after this time, you can either purchase the instrument or you can return it to the shop if you no longer wish to play the instrument. Should you decide to purchase the instrument, the rental cost (minus VAT) is discounted from the full price.

*Please note that the above ‘hire period’ information does not apply to existing customers who are renting from us on our previous rental scheme.

Ending the rental agreement

At the end of the 3 month hire term, the instrument will be checked over for damage outwith normal wear and tear. Our hire instruments and bows have been selected for their sturdy and reliable properties as well as their playing qualities and such damage is very unusual! Please don’t worry if any damage occurs: just let us know as soon as possible.

What does it cost?

For the three month hire period:

Violin £36 (including VAT)

Viola £50 (including VAT)

Student Instrument Part Exchange

You may also be interested in details of our part exchange scheme which applies to purchased instruments. This scheme is particularly useful as children move up the sizes of instrument or for players who wish to upgrade their instrument over time to a more expensive one. The scheme is subject to the instrument returning in saleable condition and excludes VAT and the price of a bow rehair and set of strings.

We are always happy to discuss part exchange on student instruments purchased from elsewhere.