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Student Violins

We are proud to offer a wide range of options for student violinists: we believe that every musician deserves a great instrument at a fair price and that student instruments should be no exception.  Investing in a good quality instrument and bow is always money well spent: a poor-quality instrument makes learning the violin a more difficult and less rewarding task. Our student range starts at £110 for a violin with case and bow.

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Rental scheme

We offer a rental scheme on all student instruments. The minimum term of hire is 3 months; after this time the rental cost is discounted from the full price should you decide to purchase the instrument. Prices start from just £10 a month.

For more information, click here to see our Student Hire page.


Part exchange

We offer a part exchange scheme when upgrading to a more expensive instrument from an instrument that was purchased from us.  This scheme is particularly useful as children move up sizes of instrument or for players who wish to upgrade their instrument over time. This scheme is subject to the instrument returning in saleable condition and excludes VAT and the price of a rehair and set of strings.