Matthew Fenge

Having graduated from the violin making and restoration course at the Leeds College of Music, Matt went on to start a successful business making and restoring violins in Yorkshire. In 2013, he expanded the business and moved to Ankara, Turkey. The price of his violins varies from instrument to instrument, but are usually less than £10,000 -  do get in touch to check individual prices. 

Please see below the current selection of Matt's violins that we have for sale:



Alessandro Gagliano

A copy of the beautiful 'Rotondo' Alessandro Gagliano. With a record auction price of over £200,000, this is an affordable alternative to an original!

This is a copy of a Testore violin, and is a lot of fun to play! A big sound and a big personality, Matt has really captured the character of the Testore family.


Strad Model

This violin is inspired by the late violins of Stradivari. It has a big sound and is easy to play. A must see for anyone who enjoys contemporary violins!