Viola by Gareth Ballard, London, 2012

Viola by Gareth Ballard, London, 2012

About Gareth Ballard

Gareth is a London-based luthier who trained at the Newark School of Violin Making. We are delighted to represent Gareth as his instruments are of the highest quality: although each has a distinct character, the instruments all work extremely well and the workmanship is uniformly excellent.

Gareth incorporates technology into his making in a fascinating way: you may be interested to see him talking about his making process.

About the viola

This viola is inspired by the famous 'Conte Vitale' viola of 1676 by Andrea Guarneri, once described by the Hill family as one of the finest Italian instruments in existence. This instrument is a very popular model for both makers and violists as the proportions result in a fantastically powerful but rich tone.

The viola has a one piece back of slab-cut maple. The front is two pieces of relatively wide-grained spruce which widens towards the flanks and the varnish is amber in colour, laid over a golden ground.

The viola was completed in 2012 and has a length of back of 16 and 1/4 inches

How does it sound?

The tone is satisfyingly thick and broad but retains a good deal of resonance and focus. This is due in part to the generously full arching. This instrument would be an excellent choice for a music student or professional player.


The viola is in original mint condition.

Further information

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