Violin by Charles Thouvenel, Lunéville, circa 1810

Violin by Charles Thouvenel, Lunéville, circa 1810

About Charles Thouvenel

Charles Thouvenel worked in Lunéville, northeastern France, from around 1788. His work is branded `Thouvenel à Paris´: this suggests that his instruments were made to be sold in the capital city.

Lunéville is less than an hour´s drive from Mirecourt, France´s centre of violin making: Thouvenel was clearly influenced by the making going on nearby, in particular the instruments of Didier Nicolas l’âiné.

About the violin

The violin was made around 1810 in Lunéville and is modelled after the instruments of Stradivari. As mentioned above, the influence of Didier Nicolas l’âiné can be seen in its outline, as well as the model and placement of the f holes.

The violin has a two piece back of lightly-flamed maple, the flame descending slightly towards the centre joint. The front is two pieces of spruce. The varnish is reddish brown in colour and the length of back is 357 mm.

How does it sound?

The violin has a relatively gentle, forgiving character with plenty of texture to the sound. The tone is on the darker end of the spectrum, although the upper strings have a fair amount of clarity. The violin has a particularly broad range of comfortable articulations.


The violin comes with a detailed condition report. It is in good restored condition, having seen a fair amount of restoration to the front. The violin is branded `Thouvenel à  Paris´ with a further handwritten inscription under the soundpost.

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