Violin by the Dieudonné workshop, Mirecourt, 1946

Violin by the Dieudonné workshop, Mirecourt, 1946

About the workshop of Dieudonné

Amédée Dieudonné was born in 1890 and served his apprenticeship in Mirecourt with Gustave Bazin, son of Charles Bazin. His apprenticeship began at the age of 14: by 19 Dieudonné had moved to Brussels to work for the Darché firm. He established his own workshop in Mirecourt in 1920, making violins under his own label as well as for many other firms.

The workshop was in business from 1920 until 1957. Dieudonné generally employed two or three luthiers and two apprentices at one time, training around 20 apprentices during his career.

Dieudonné was also a musician himself, conducting and playing the violin in a Mirecourt orchestra for several years. He died in 1960, having played a significant part in the rebirth of top-class French violin making.

About the violin

The violin was made in Dieudonné's Mirecourt workshop in 1946 and is numbered 1,024. It is modelled after the instruments of Stradivari.

The violin has a one piece back of flamed maple with ribs and scroll of similar wood. The front is two pieces of relatively narrow-grained spruce and the varnish is unshaded and vibrant red in colour.

The violin has a length of back of 358 mm.

How does it sound?

This is a very interesting violin! It's bold and full-blooded, projects hugely well and has a darker quality to the sound which is slightly unexpected for a French instrument of this period.


The violin is in good condition with some wear to the varnish.

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