Violin bow by William Tubbs, London, circa 1850

Violin bow by William Tubbs, London, circa 1850

About William Tubbs

William Tubbs was the son of the celebrated early English bow maker, Thomas Tubbs. He was born in London in 1814 and worked for the Dodd workshop, inheriting the shop´s supplies after the death of Edward Dodd III in 1851. William then established himself independently, making bows with at least five of his sons.

The work of William Tubbs was pivotal to the development of the modern English bow: he reintroduced a more classical head after some of the more experimental designs of his father. Despite his output being exceptionally fine in quality, William did not enjoy particular financial success, perhaps exacerbated by having 11 children to feed! William Tubbs died in 1878: his son James was the most successful member of the next generation of this exceptional family of bowmakers.

About the violin bow

The bow was made in London for the Dodd workshop, whose brand it bears. The round stick is of superb-quality pernambuco and measures 726 mm in length. The mounts are of silver and ebony with a nickel underslide. The bow weighs 61 grams.

How does it play?

One would be forgiven for assuming that this bow would feel pretty similar to a James Tubbs: William was James’s father and teacher after all. In actual fact, the feel of this bow is far closer to an excellent Maline or something like that. It's very well balanced, bringing a jewel-like clarity to each note. Playing this bow is an incredibly satisfying musical experience!


The bow is in very good condition.

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