Violin bow by the Pajeot workshop, Mirecourt, circa 1840

Violin bow by the Pajeot workshop, Mirecourt, circa 1840

About the Pajeot workshop

Étienne Pajeot is without doubt one of the finest bow makers ever to have lived. The son of Louis Simon Pajeot, Étienne had a head start to his career as an archetier and started working with his father from an early age. Apart from his prodigious skill, Pajeot had an enquiring mind and innovative approach: there are several inventions that he tried out, some allowing musicians to rehair their bows themselves.

Each Pajeot bow seems to look a little different from the last: he was constantly changing the shape of his heads very slightly and adjusting the design of his frogs. What all of his bows do have in common though is a supreme elegance of form. They also happen to play unbelievably well!

The Pajeot workshop was very successful and produced a great number of bows. A number of the great French bow makers of the time were employed there, including Nicolas Maire, Claude Joseph Fonclause and probably Nicolas Maline.

About this violin bow

This bow was made in the Pajeot workshop in Mirecourt around 1840.

The round stick measures 725 mm in length and the mounts are of nickel and ebony.

The bow weighs 63 and a half grams.

How does it sound?

This bow draws an enormous and particularly clear sound, helping even the muddiest of violins to find projection and brilliance. To play, the weight of the bow in hand makes it very easy to find a whole new level above fortissimo, however the bow will also allow its player to work delicately off the string.


The bow is in very good condition.


The bow comes with the certificate of Hieronymus Köstler.

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