Violin bow stamped Albert Fischer, Germany, circa 1960

Violin bow stamped Albert Fischer, Germany, circa 1960

About Saxon bows

This violin bow was made in Saxony circa 1960. The area was one of the main centres of German instrument making, producing a great many violins, violas, cellos and bows every year. The makers in the workshops were highly trained and very skilled: each person had their own part to play in the production of the instruments and bows.

About the bow

This bow was made in Saxony circa 1960 and the stick is of excellent quality pernambuco.

The bow weighs 63 grams and the mounts are of silver and ebony. The octagonal stick measures 729 mm in length.

How does it sound?

This is a superb all-rounder: it's predictable, reliable and does everything you ask of it! It would make an excellent bow for a serious student as it stays out of the way, allowing the player to focus on their own bowing whilst the bow quietly does its job.


The bow is in very good condition.

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