Violin Bow by CodaBow: Prodigy

Violin Bow by CodaBow: Prodigy

About CodaBow

Based in Minnesota, CodaBow are one of the world's leading manufacturers of carbon fibre bows. The bows are all made in the USA and use man made materials for all parts of the bow excluding the hair.

About the bow

The Prodigy violin bow has a blended Kevlar core wrapped in diamond weave graphite. The bow weighs 60 grams and the mounts are of Xebony and nickel. The stick measures 726 mm in length and is round in cross section.

How does it play?

The Prodigy is CodaBow's student bow offering and is carefully designed to support early right-hand technique. The bow is slightly weighted towards the tip, making it easy to control and good for developing confidence with bowing. The bow draws out a big, confident sound and and works well with all the instruments we've tested it with.

Further information

Please get in touch for more details about this carbon fibre violin bow by CodaBow for sale and a member of our team will get back to you.

More information

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