Violin by Vincenzo Postiglione II, Naples, 1897

Violin by Vincenzo Postiglione II, Naples, 1897

About Vincenzo Postiglione II

It is assumed that Vincenzo Postiglione II was the son and pupil of the earlier Neapolitan maker Vincenzo Postiglione I. Postiglione the younger was born in Naples in 1835 and was apprenticed to the maker Vincenzo Iorio from the age of 12. He set up his own workshop in 1855, going on to make over 500 instruments.

Postiglione is credited with the revival of the Neapolitan school following the decline of the Gagliano family´s influence around 1850. He died in Naples in 1916, his workshop having been taken over by his sons in 1910.

About the violin

The violin is a characteristic example of Postiglione´s work and was made in Naples in 1897.

The violin has a two piece back of highly-flamed maple, cut on the half-slab. The scroll is of narrow-flamed maple and the ribs are relatively highly-figured. The front is two pieces of medium-grained spruce, widening towards the flanks. The varnish is a transparent golden brown colour, laid over a faintly greenish ground.

The violin has a length of back of 355 mm and is modelled after the instruments of Guarneri `del Gesù.

How does it sound?

This is a big, bold violin with loads of heart! The sound is robust and full and there is always more to find. The violin responds especially well to lots of contact with the bow and seems to be an excellent match for a muscular playing style. Having said this, the silvery E string and the violin´s ability to change character quickly produces a refined quality in Classical repertoire.


The violin is in excellent condition.


The violin comes with a Peter Biddulph certificate from 1997. The violin bears its original label and the maker´s initials are branded onto either side of the endpin.

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