Cello bow by Thomas Tubbs, London, circa 1825

Cello bow by Thomas Tubbs, London, circa 1825

About Thomas Tubbs

Thomas Tubbs was the founder of the Tubbs bow making dynasty. Born in London in 1790, Thomas was most likely trained by the Dodd family for whom he produced bows. He established his own workshop around 1830, experimenting with his own developments as well as the latest designs to come from France.

The Tubbs family gradually overshadowed the Dodd makers, due in large part to the sheer quality and diversity of Thomas Tubbs´ output, followed by the impact of his son William´s move towards the modern bow style. In the next generation again, the phenomenal output of Thomas´s grandson James established the family forever at the forefront of British bowmaking.

About the bow

This is a fantastic example of an early English cello bow showing all of the characteristics we would hope to find in a great Thomas Tubbs bow.

The mounts are of ebony and the bow weighs 93 grams. The octagonal stick is made of wonderfully dense ironwood and measures 703 mm in length.

How does it play?

Whilst these bows might look rather unusual, I´m convinced that they are the answer to an awful lot of questions! Perhaps unsurprisingly given the weight, they engage with the string as though magnets are involved, drawing out an enormous sound. Whilst not being too flexible, the flexibility of the stick allows for great nuance and changes of colour.

This bow being the heavier of the two we have available, it grips the string even more than its sibling. This bow works brilliantly with a bright, powerful instrument but also pulls a lot of sound out of a cello that is more reluctant to project.


The bow is in very good condition with original mounts. It is stamped Corsby to the audience side: this was a shop for whom Tubbs was known to produce bows.

Further information

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