Beginner Violin Outfit II

Beginner Violin Outfit II

About our Beginner Violin Outfit II

This outfit is the result of a great deal of thinking, research and support from our lovely suppliers! It is a full size violin outfit which gives adults and older children a good-quality instrument to start their playing journey.

The outfit is based around a brand new Primavera violin which has been set up and adjusted to Tim's exacting standards. This keeps the price as affordable as possible but ensures that each instrument has been rigorously assessed and is in excellent playing condition.

Please note, we currently only offer this outfit in full size.

How does it sound?

We are delighted with the sound of this violin! It works very well across the full dynamic range, not restoring to a thinner sound when played quietly. The tone is full and broad with plenty of power. The violin is set up with Larsen Aurora strings.


The violin outfit is brand new.

What is included in the Beginner Violin Outfit II?

This outfit comprises a new Primavera violin, new brazilwood bow and new shaped case with A4 music pocket. The violin and bow are always checked in our workshop to make sure each is in optimum playing condition.

What size of violin do I need?

As a very approximate guide, children over the age of 11 tend to be big enough to play a full size violin. We are always very happy to advise on instrument sizes and will always make sure the instrument is a good fit before it goes to its new owner. Currently, these outfits are only available in full size.

Who is this outfit for?

This violin outfit has been selected as a great starting point for adult learners and older children. The more generous tone through the dynamic range means that the violin will support musical progress as opposed to getting in the way!

As a general rule, we would suggest that this violin would serve its owner well up to about ABRSM Grade 3 or 4 standard: after this point it is often helpful to have an instrument which offers more variation in tone and colour.

What if I want to upgrade this violin?

We are always happy to accept any of our student violins back on our part exchange scheme, giving you peace of mind that the violin can be easily upgraded when needed.


These violin outfits are priced at £190.

Further information

Please get in touch for more details about this Beginner Violin Outfit II for sale and a member of our team will get back to you.

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