Half size violin bow, Markneukirchen, circa 1890

This violin bow has now sold.

Half size violin bow, Markneukirchen, circa 1890

About Markneukirchen violin bows

This violin bow was made in the Markneukirchen area of Germany, very close to the Czech border. The town was one of the main centres of German instrument making, producing a great many violins, violas, cellos and bows every year. The makers in the workshops were highly trained and very skilled: each person had their own part to play in the production of the instruments and bows.

About the bow

This half size violin bow was made in Germany around 1890. It is mounted in nickel and ebony with a very pretty mother of pearl slide. The bow is made of brazilwood and is round in cross section.

The stick measures 613 mm in length and the bow weighs 52 grams.

How does it play?

We are very careful with fractional instruments and bows to select only those which genuinely work well enough to support a young player´s development. No such decision needed to be taken with this bow: it plays brilliantly! It´s very well-balanced, makes a huge sound and does everything that´s asked of it. This would make a fantastic partner for a young player looking for a bow which will allow them to develop at their own pace.


The bow is in very good condition.

More information

This violin bow has now sold, but you can view other violin bows in this price range.