Seven eighths size violin bow, Mirecourt, circa 1920

Seven eighths size violin bow, Mirecourt, circa 1920

About Mirecourt violin bows

Mirecourt is situated in the Vosges area of north-eastern France and is considered to be the birthplace of French luthiery. The town became a centre for luthiers as early as the end of the sixteenth century, growing rapidly as craftsmen from other areas came to join its workshops.

Later, trade expanded to such an extent that by the twentieth century around 80,000 instruments a year were produced in the Mirecourt workshops. The strict quality control procedures and workshop hierarchy kept standards very high despite such prolific output.

About the bow

This seven eighths size violin bow was made in Mirecourt around 1920. It is mounted in nickel and ebony and the stick is of pernambuco.

The bow measures 712 mm in length and the bow weighs 54 grams. This is a slight reduction from the measurements of a full size bow and makes all the difference to how it feels!

How does it play?

Great care has been taken with this bow that balance is unaffected by the lighter weight. This is a good playing stick that works well off the string and produces a strong, lively sound. This bow would make a great musical partner for a talented young player or a smaller adult.


The bow is in good condition with a knot in the wood near to the handle of the bow.

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