Scottish Viola made circa 1960

This viola has now sold.

Scottish Viola made circa 1960

About five string violas

Five string violas have the 4 viola strings but also the E string found on a violin. They are usually fairly small in body, making the switch to a 5 string viola manageable for those used to a violin.

These instruments are often popular with players who want the flexibility of being able to play fiddle tunes as normal but with greater scope for harmony being provided by the lower C string.

About the viola

This viola was made in Scotland around 1960, most likely in Glasgow. The model is inspired by the early Brescian makers but has a lot of personal influences too.

The viola has a two piece maple back and a two piece front of very fine-grained spruce. The varnish is a warm amber colour.

The viola has a length of back of 14 and half inches, or 369 mm. This results in the viola being comfortable for violinists in that that the body is not all that much bigger than a violin.

How does it sound?

The viola has good projection on the E string, allowing melodies to ring out clearly. It has a sweet tone but isn´t a hugely loud instrument: it would be perfect with a pickup as this would add amplification whilst allowing the tone quality to shine through.


The viola is in excellent condition.

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This viola has now sold, but you can view other violas in this price range or view other violas by this maker.