Viola by Rob Furze, Edinburgh, 2019

This viola has now sold.

Viola by Rob Furze, Edinburgh, 2019

About Rob Furze

Rob is a brilliant Edinburgh-based luthier who trained at the Newark School of Violin Making. He then worked for Michael Byrd and John Dilworth, as well as in the workshop of J.P. Guivier, before setting up his own workshop in 2017. Satisfyingly, Rob is also an excellent violist himself.

About the viola

This viola is modelled after the famous instrument by Anselmo Bellosio which can be found in the collection of the Royal College of Music. The viola was made in 2019 and the length of back is 15 and a 1/4 inches.

How does it sound?

Small violas are generally thought of as tonally inferior to their larger counterparts: this can be true, however this viola certainly bucks the trend! With a full and rich lower end and a nicely balanced A string, this is an exceedingly good choice for anyone in search of a smaller viola.

More information

You may also be interested in this viola by the contemporary maker Christopher Rowe. This viola remains available for sale and has a length of back of 15 inches.

This viola has now sold, but you can view other violas in this price range.