Composite violin by Pietro Guarneri II, Venice, circa 1740, and Eugenio Degani, circa 1890

Composite violin by Pietro Guarneri II, Venice, circa 1740, and Eugenio Degani, circa 1890

About Pietro Guarneri of Venice

A third generation violin maker in the great Guarneri dynasty, Pietro Guarneri II was born in Cremona in 1695. His father was Giuseppe Guarneri, the maker often referred to as 'filius Andreae', and his younger brother, Bartolomeo Giuseppe, later known as Guarneri 'del Gesù', would be born 3 years later.

The younger Pietro, known as Pietro II to distinguish him from his uncle, Pietro Guarneri of Mantua, served his apprenticeship in the family's Cremonese workshop. He then left that town for Venice in 1717.

Instruments by Pietro II are rare and highly sought after for their incredible sound and the compelling combination of Cremonese and Venetian modelling.

About Eugenio Degani

Eugenio Degani is widely credited with the revival of the Venetian school of violin making and was a great champion of the earlier Venetian models. He moved to Venice in 1888 and continued to make in that city until his death in 1901. The Degani workshop was then continued by his son Giulio.

About this violin

The front and ribs of this violin were made by Pietro Guarneri of Venice circa 1740. The model is utterly characteristic of Pietro of Venice, particularly in the open c bouts and the soft, Amatise f holes.

The replacement back was made around 1890 by Eugenio Degani, also in Venice. The attractive scroll is by a third hand and was most likely fitted by Degani.

The back is two pieces of quarter-sawn maple. The ribs are of extremely finely flamed maple and the head, although later, is made of very nicely matched wood. The one piece front is of medium-grained spruce and the varnish is a beautiful Venetian red.

Internally, the violin retains all four Guarneri corner blocks.

The violin has a length of back of 351 mm.

How does it sound?

This is a truly exceptional violin, so much so that we worry our description will seem hyperbolic! It is hugely powerful and yet able to whisper without becoming hoarse. The violin's voice is darker than middling, with the chocolate richness so characteristic of the Guarneri family. We couldn't be more excited to see what this amazing violin does next!


The violin is in excellent restored condition and comes with a complete condition report. The restoration was undertaken by the superb Iris Carr.


The certificate of Christopher Reuning will be issued upon sale.

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