Violin by Pieter Rombouts, Amsterdam, circa 1720

Violin by Pieter Rombouts, Amsterdam, circa 1720

Pieter Rombouts

Pieter Rombouts was born in 1667 and was the stepson of Hendrik Jacobs, another great maker from the Low Countries. It is almost certain that he learnt his craft with his stepfather. The two makers worked collaboratively from around 1685 and their joint workshop flourished for nearly 80 years, with Rombouts in sole charge from 1704. Jacobs and Rombouts are considered to be amongst the finest of the Low Country makers.

About the violin

Made in Amsterdam circa 1720, the violin is modelled after the instruments of Amati. The instruments of the Amati family in Cremona were hugely influential on the work of the Low Country luthiers. The violin has a two piece back of highly-figured maple which ascends from the centre joint. The ribs and scroll are of plainer maple. The front is two pieces of finely-grained spruce which widens towards the flanks. As is typical of the maker, the purfling is of whalebone. The violin has a length of back of 359 mm.

How does it sound?

This is a classy, refined violin with a very human voice. It is even across the strings with exceedingly good projection: somehow the projection is greater than you might expect from the violin’s almost ancient appearance. This instrument might be three hundred years old but it still has huge reserves of vitality!


The violin is in very good restored condition with a later head. A full condition report accompanies its sale.


The violin comes with the certificate of Jan Strick, dated 2022.

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