Cello by Per Ovesen, London, 1987

Cello by Per Ovesen, London, 1987

About Per Ovesen

Per Ovesen is a Danish luthier who was born in Copenhagen in 1960. He came to England to study at the Newark School of Violin Making, graduating in 1986. Ovesen then spent time working in London and Japan before setting up his own workshop in Singapore in 2004.

About this cello

The cello was made in 1987, the year after Ovesen graduated from Newark and whilst he was working for Guivier's in London.

The cello has a one piece slab-cut back. The ribs and scroll are of plainer maple. The front is two pieces of straight-grained spruce and the varnish is a rich red in colour.

The cello has a length of back of 769 mm and is modelled after the instruments of Grancino.

How does it sound?

Physically, this is a large cello, and the sound reflects it! It is immensely resonant and meaty in character, with evenness and excellent response right across the range. The resonance and quick response give the cello a lot of flexibility in how it can be played. Though the size means it is not for everyone, once the right person tries it, this is a cello for life!


The cello is in original mint condition.

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