Cello bow by Roderich Paesold, Bubenreuth, circa 1980

Cello bow by Roderich Paesold, Bubenreuth, circa 1980

About the Roderich Paesold firm

Roderich Paesold was the son of a string maker and instrument dealer. The family was based in the area of the Vogtland known as the Musikwinkel, due to the predominance of the instrument making trade. After his apprenticeship and time spent working in the family firm, Roderich founded his own company in 1919.

Interestingly, Roderich Paesold travelled to the UK on business just as World War II broke out. This meant he had to remain in the country for the duration of the war: Paesold was able to turn this to his advantage by making excellent links with many UK music firms. After the war, he and many other German makers from the Vogtland were expelled from the new Czech Republic and went on to establish a new centre of instrument making in Bubenreuth.

The Paesold company became part of the Boosey and Hawkes group in 1981, still producing instruments in their own Bubenreuth workshop. The family were able to regain ownership of the Master line in 2004.

About the cello bow

The bow weighs 81 grams and the mounts are of silver and ebony. The stick measures 607 mm in length and is octagonal in cross section.

How does it play?

The bow is made of high-quality pernambuco, giving it more flexibility than we would usually associate with a German octagonal bow. It grips the string excellently and is well-balanced.


The bow is in very good condition. It bears the Paesold brand above the frog on the player side. The two asterisks indicate that this is the second-highest quality of bow produced by the firm.

Further information

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