Violin Bow by Juliano Oliveira, Brazil, circa 2023

Violin Bow by Juliano Oliveira, Brazil, circa 2023

About Juliano Oliveira

This bow was made by Juliano Oliveira for L'archet Brasil, the leading bow company which commissions work from master makers in Brazil. The bows are all handmade by individual archetiers before being distributed by the firm all across the world. The company has developed an excellent reputation for its focus on sustainability: their work in developing excellent alternatives to pernambuco is of particular note.

These bows are selected by us in conjunction with our Head of Workshop. We assess the bows for both quality and playing characteristics, selecting the best for sale.

About the violin bow

This violin bow was made in Brazil. It is made of ipe, a Brazilian hardwood which is very dense. Ipe offers an excellent alternative to pernambuco at an affordable price.

The bow weighs 61 grams and measures 729 mm in length. The mounts are of silver and ebony and the stick is round in cross section.

How does it play?

This bow has a stick on the strong side of medium. It produces a full sound which is not too warm and muddy, and not to bright either – pleasingly middle of the road!


The bow is in original mint condition.

Further information

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