Violin bow by Müsing, Germany, c 2020

Violin bow by Müsing, Germany, c 2020

About Müsing bows

Müsing is a German company set up by Bernd Müsing, the inventor of the Arcus bow. Arcus are the undisputed world leader in carbon fibre bows and Müsing offer the same excellent quality at a more affordable price point. The bows are designed and made in Würzburg, Germany.

Carbon fibre bows offer an incredibly good alternative to pernambuco sticks as they are extremely resilient, useful in challenging playing environments and can be invaluable when touring to extreme climates. Once a poor substitute for the real thing, the quality of carbon fibre bows has increased so much that they often outplay similarly-priced wooden sticks in blind tests. Carbon fibre is a remarkably consistent material and will not warp over time.

About the bow

The C4 is Müsing's professional level offering. It is made of low resin woven carbon fibre designed to imitate the feel of a pernambuco stick.

The stick measures 730mm in length and the mounts are of stainless steel and ebony. The bow weighs 52 grams.

How does it sound?

A strong stick with a very crisp and prompt spiccato. This bow is strong enough to handle the meatiest 20th century repertoire, whilst having the lightness and deftness in hand to help produce nuanced Mozart.


The bow is in original mint condition. All Müsing bows come with a 15 year warranty for the stick and a 2 year warranty for the frog. The warranty is not limited to the initial owner but transfers with the bow to any future owners.

Further information

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