Viola bow by Morizot Frères, Mirecourt, circa 1950

Viola bow by Morizot Frères, Mirecourt, circa 1950

About Morizot Frères

The brothers Morizot were a partnership of five brothers, the sons of the bow maker Louis Morizot. The brothers took over the Mirecourt workshop of their father in 1937 and ran it successfully until the 1970s.

They had a very strong work ethic and each had a clearly defined role within the workshop, a bit like Snow White´s seven dwarves but focused on frogs, buttons and cutting mortices. Their output was prolific and demand for the bows of the Morizot workshop is high.

About the viola bow

This viola bow was in Paris circa 1950.

The octagonal stick measures 728 mm in length and the mounts are of silver and ebony. The bow weighs 70 grams.

The bow is stamped 'P. Serdet Paris', showing that it was made to be sold in Serdet's Paris shop.

How does it play?

Some viola bows feel halfway towards a violin bow: this one is not one of those! This is a robust, strong viola bow that draws out a massive sound. It's really crisp off the string and plays predictably well all of the time. A great bow.


The bow is in good condition.


The bow comes with the certificate of Pierre Guillaume.

Further information

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