Mittenwald circa 1900

This viola has now sold.

Mittenwald circa 1900

About Mittenwald

This viola was made in Mittenwald, one of the centres of German violin making, in around 1900. Mittenwald is in Southern Germany, just across the Austrian border.

The viola has a length of back of 15 and 5/8s and is based on a del Gesù model. Interestingly, Guarneri del Gesù is not known to have made any violas: this is a terrible shame because del Gesù violins are known for their dark tone and powerful sonority, a winning combination for a viola! Instead, this is an interpretation of what his violas might look like, based on the violin models. As might be hoped, the dark tone and power have been captured well in this instrument, impressive for a viola that is smaller than 16 inches. The viola is in very good condition.

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