Mirecourt circa 1930

This viola has now sold.

Mirecourt circa 1930

About Mirecourt

This viola was made in Mirecourt, France, around 1930. Mirecourt was one of the major centres of violin making in France: Jean Baptiste Vuillaume is perhaps the town´s most famous son. Mirecourt became a centre for luthiers as early as the end of the sixteenth century and trade expanded to such an extent that by the twentieth century around 80,000 instruments a year were produced in the workshops there. Instruments from this period generally display excellent, neat craftsmanship.

As is common for instruments from Mirecourt, this viola is modelled after Stradivari. It has a length of back of 15 and 5/8ths and is in very good condition. The sound is even across the strings and warm and pleasant in character, making this a great choice for an all round viola in this price bracket.

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This viola has now sold, but you can view other violas in this price range.