Violin Bow by Louis Morizot Père, Mirecourt

Violin Bow by Louis Morizot Père, Mirecourt

About Louis Morizot Père

Louis Morizot was born in Darney in Eastern France in 1874 and moved to nearby Mirecourt in order to find work as a bow maker. In so doing, he founded a family dynasty which still survives today. He is often referred to as Morizot Père as one of his six sons was also named Louis.

Morizot Père learned his craft from the very best of the Mirecourt makers: after a period spent with Eugène Cuniot-Hury he went on to work for Charles Nicolas Bazin. If you are interested in comparing his work to those of the two earlier makers, a good comparison example for Cuniot-Hury can be found here and a similarly good example of C. N. Bazin can be found here. We also have another Louis Morizot bow for sale, which can be seen here.

Morizot left the Bazin workshop in 1914 and went to work for Eugène Sartory, perhaps the greatest bow maker of the twentieth century. Finally, Morizot set up his own workshop in 1919, bringing in his sons to assist him from around 1920. The workshop became prolific and highly successful and was carried on by his sons after Morizot Père´s death in 1957.

About the bow

This violin bow is stamped Collin-Mézin, meaning that it was made to be sold by this violin maker. Making unstamped bows ready to bear the stamp of a violin maker or shop was common practice amongst the French bow makers of this time.

The bow weighs 62g and the stick measures 727 mm in length. The mounts are of silver and ebony.

How does it play?

This bow is neither too strong nor too weak, a well-balanced bow in every respect. I´m always appreciative of violin bows which have a rounded heel to the frog: on so many nice violins you see the scars on the c bouts from sharper-angled frogs.


The bow is in excellent condition.

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