Violin bow made in Germany, circa 1900

Violin bow made in Germany, circa 1900

About Markneukirchen violin bows

This violin bow was made in the Markneukirchen area of Germany, very close to the Czech border. The town was one of the main centres of German instrument making, producing a great many violins, violas, cellos and bows every year. The makers in the workshops were highly trained and very skilled: each person had their own part to play in the production of the instruments and bows.

About the bow

This violin bow was made in Saxony around 1900. It is a long bow, measuring 741 mm in length.

The bow weighs 58 grams and the mounts are of nickel and ebony.

How does it play?

This bow has a really vintage tone. If you're looking for a way to recreate the sound of Ginette Neveu et al, I can't think of a better tool! I think this effect comes from the extra length as it means you never have to press.


The bow is in good condition.

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