Viola by Joseph Ian Ross, Pitlochry, 2015

Viola by Joseph Ian Ross, Pitlochry, 2015

About Joseph Ian Ross

Ian Ross was an incredibly gifted maker based in Pitlochry, Scotland. We were proud to have known Ian: he was a hugely individual and charming man, endlessly talented, and incredibly generous to generations of players. He passed away at the end of February 2023 and we were very grateful to be given the chance by his family to buy the collection of his instruments. These instruments are now being finished in our workshop and added to our catalogue of his work.

Ian´s workshop was a treasure trove of instruments, all stunningly well observed and beautifully made. He had an amazing eye for different models and always has several different models on the go at once. Ian´s instruments are popular with traditional and classical players alike for their very human, expressive qualities.

About the viola

This viola was made in Pitlochry in 2015 and is modelled after the instruments of the early Bresican maker Gasparo Bertolotti 'da Salò'.

The viola has a one piece back of stunning Blairgowrie sycamore. The ribs and scroll are of quarter-sawn maple and the front is two pieces of characterful spruce. The varnish is golden-brown in colour and the back has inlaid decoration in the manner of the original.

The viola has a length of back of 15 and 5/8ths.

How does it sound?

For a smaller viola, this one packs quite the punch! It has a very pure, singing tone and projects well. The viola is quick to respond and has a lovely clarity of sound.


The viola is in original mint condition.

Further information

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