Violin Bow by Joseph Arthur Vigneron, Paris, circa 1900

Violin Bow by Joseph Arthur Vigneron, Paris, circa 1900

About Joseph Arthur Vigneron

Joseph Arthur Vigneron, often called Vigneron père, was born in Mirecourt in 1851. He was the stepson of the Mirecourt bow maker Claude Charles Nicolas Husson and apprenticed with him until Husson´s death in 1872. Vigneron père then worked for Jean-Joesph Martin in Mirecourt before moving to Paris in 1880.

After time spent working for the Gand and Bernardel firm, Vigneron set up his own workshop in Paris around 1888: his style becomes markedly more personal from this date onwards. Vigneron´s son André began to assist him around 1900, inheriting his father´s workshop upon his death in 1905.

About the bow

This bow was made in Paris around 1900. It weighs 61 grams and the mounts are of silver and ebony. The octagonal stick measures 729 mm in length.

How does it play?

The bow sticks to the string very nicely, really evening out any technical inconsistencies in vigorous passages. My favourite kind of bow! It works excellently and intuitively off the string and is very easy to handle in all settings.


The bow is in very good condition with one restoration to the frog.


The bow comes with the certificate of Raffin, Le Canu and Bigot. It is stamped `A. Vigneron à Paris´ to the handle on the player´s side.

Further information

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