Johann Nicolaus Lentz

Johann Nicolaus Lentz violin, London, England

Johann Nicolaus Lentz is a maker whose work is little known. He was born in the Tyrol and emigrated to London, getting married to Elizabeth Millard in 1784 at St Martin in the Fields and christening their son John Frederick Lentz (also a violin maker) in 1787. 

This violin was made in 1822 at No.40 Duke Street in London (do have a look at this map to see how the area looked in 1820). We know this because of its original label, pictured below. 

The violin has a rich and full sound with an exceptionally good combination of depth, volume and responsiveness. It is a real joy to use as it makes playing easy!

Condition is good; there is a small patch on table near the tail piece along with a sound post crack and patch on the front and a couple of minor cracks to the lower bouts of the table. Back, ribs and head all in good condition.