Cello by Giuseppe Saretta, Montebelluna, 1952

Cello by Giuseppe Saretta, Montebelluna, 1952

About Giuseppe Saretta

Giuseppe Saretta was born in 1894 in Montebelluna, a city in the province of Treviso. Saretta studied with Carlo Oddone, one of the leading Italian makers of the early twentieth century. Saretta was also a sculptor, a background which must have influenced his aesthetic sense when working on his instruments.

Saretta worked briefly in both Treviso and Padua but was predominantly based in his home city of Montebelluna. He died in 1956, just five years after this cello was made, having made around fifty-six violins and five cellos over the course of his career.

About the cello

This cello was made in Montebelluna in 1952. It is a relatively personal model which shows the influence of his teacher Oddone, particularly in the f holes which flare towards the middle.

The cello has a stunning one piece back of quilted maple with the ribs and scroll being of equally attractive wood. The front is two pieces of straight-grained spruce and the varnish is golden-amber in colour. The cello has a length of back of 739 mm.

How does it sound?

This instrument is everything you´d hope for in a Modern Italian cello and sounds every bit as good as it looks! It projects extremely well and has excellent clarity, but with a good deal of fruity richness. It speaks easily and is very responsive to play, making it a brilliant choice for solo repertoire or leading a section.


The cello is in excellent original condition.

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