Violin by Géza Vadon, Budapest, 1962

Violin by Géza Vadon, Budapest, 1962

About Géza Vadon

Géza Vadon was born in 1884 in the far east of Hungary, now part of modern day Romania. He came to Budapest as a student, later gaining his Doctorate in Jurisprudence and becoming a a town councilor in that city.

Vadon studied violin making under Gyula Várady from 1923 to 1927, and then with Ferenc Bikszegi until 1932. He passed his master examination in 1936 under István Havas, Dezsö Bárány and János Spiegel, three of the leading makers of the Hungarian school.

Interstingly, Vadon never sold any instruments during his lifetime, preferring instead to loan them to players. The most famous of those players was the great Sándor Végh.

About the violin

Made in Budapest in 1962, this violin is opus number 126 in Vadon's catalogue. The violin is modelled after Stradivari in outline but has a very personal conception of the f holes and scroll.

The violin has a two piece back of finely-flamed maple, the figuration descending from left to right. The ribs and scroll are of similar wood. The front is two pieces of relatively wide-grained spruce and the varnish is a rich unshaded red.

The violin has a length of back of 358 mm.

How does it sound?

In many ways, this violin is similar in character to a Modern Italian instrument of the same age. It is cheerful and very projecting with a bold, warm sound.


The violin is in excellent condition.

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