Vuillaume model cello bow, Markneukirchen, circa 1900

Vuillaume model cello bow, Markneukirchen, circa 1900

About Markneukirchen bows

This cello bow was made in the Markneukirchen area of Germany, close to the Czech border. The town was one of the main centres of German instrument making, producing a great many violins, violas, cellos and bows every year. In addition to standard bows, the workshops often produced high quality copies of bows by makers such as James Tubbs, Bazin and Vuillaume.

About Vuillaume model bows

Although Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume was a violin maker, he also turned his brilliant, innovative mind towards bows. The Vuillaume self rehairing bow was a particularly inventive development! This invention never became mainstream, however the rounded, slightly dimpled frog and rounded ferrule of the Vuillaume model remain in popular use today.

About the bow

This bow was made in Markneukirchen around 1900: the large eye on the frog is typical of German bows of the period.

The bow weighs 82 grams and the round stick measures 698 mm in length. The mounts are of nickel and ebony.

How does it play?

This bow would suit a more exuberant cello which requires a little reining in: the sound is fairly sophisticated but not especially big. The stick is particularly flexible and on the more delicate end of the spectrum.


The bow is in good condition.

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