Viola bow stamped W.R. Schuster, Markneukirchen

Viola bow stamped W.R. Schuster, Markneukirchen

About Gotthard Schuster

The Schusters were an extremely large family of luthiers and bow makers based in Markneukirchen and in Luby in the Czech Republic. Members of the family also brought their craft to the United States, Warsaw and many cities across Europe. Despite the size of the family, there was no bow making member with the initials W.R.! Instead, the stamp W.R. Schuster is a trade brand for bows made in Markneukirchen.

The Schuster family had many good connections with the American violin trade and lots of their instruments and bows can be found there today.

About the bow

The bow weighs 65 grams and the mounts are of nickel and ebony. The pernambuco stick measures 731 mm in length and is octagonal in cross section.

How does it play?

This bow draws out a large, broad sound which would work particularly well with a more focussed or nasal viola. It´s solid and comfortable to play. Although the weight seems on the lighter side the bow has short tinsel lapping so is balanced very nicely.


The bow is in very good condition. It is branded W.R. Schuster above the frog on the player side.

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