German Cello Circa 1780

This cello has now sold.

German Cello Circa 1780


This cello was made in Mittenwald, Germany, around 1780 and is modelled after the instruments by Jacob Stainer. The village of Mittenwald became an important centre of violin making in the mid-17th century, when Matthias Klotz, possibly a pupil of Stainer himself, set up his workshop high in the Bavarian mountains. The Klotz name is synonymous with that of Mittenwald, thanks to the generations of makers who followed, however the village became host to a great number of makers over the centuries.

The cello is in good restored condition and has a deliciously rich, full tone. The length of back is 748mm. It may be of interest to compare this instrument to two Stainer model violins from the same period which we have for sale here and here.

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