German 3/4 size violin circa 1920

 German 3/4 size violin circa 1920

About Saxon violins

This violin was made in Markneukirchen, a small town in the Saxony region of Germany famous for its great number of violin making workshops. The town is less than 10km away from Luby, its Czech equivalent, leading to a great deal of crossover between the two towns.

The town remains active as a centre of violin making today, with over 100 different instrument workshops and a charming museum dedicated to its extraordinary history.

About this violin

This violin is an antique 3/4 size instrument. We are very proud of our range of contemporary student violins, however we also stock a number of 3/4 older instruments as these offer a greater range of tonal possibility for very advanced young players.

The violin was made in Saxony around 1920. It is a workshop made instrument, meaning that it was made by a team of luthiers as opposed to one individual maker. This practice allowed the workshops to produce a high number of instruments whilst ensuring that their quality remained consistent.

The wood on the front is highly figured: this configuration is sometimes called bear claw spruce and was highly prized by early makers. The varnish is a rich red colour and the length of back is 339 mm.

How does it play?

For a three quarter size violin, this instrument has an unusual amount of richness and response in the lower strings. This violin offers an excellent antique alternative to a contemporary violin outfit and would suit an advanced young player who requires its greater depth of tone and quality of sound.


The violin is in very good condition with some wear marks to the varnish.

Further information

Please get in touch for more details about this antique three-quarter size violin for sale and a member of our team will get back to you.

More information

To speak very generally, players with an arm length of 55-60 cm may find that a 3/4 size violin is the best fit for them. This often roughly correlates with the ages 9-12 but we also have a number of adult clients who have found that a three quarter size instrument is the most comfortable option for them. More information can be found on our blog and we are always very happy to advise on size.

As with all of our student instruments, this violin is eligible for our part exchange scheme. This means that we will be very happy to have it back on part exchange if you need to move to a full-size violin.

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