Violin Bow by K. Gerhard Penzel, Ostrach, circa 1970

Violin Bow by K. Gerhard Penzel, Ostrach, circa 1970

About the Penzel family

The Penzel family are a large family of bow makers from Germany who are still active today. The family business was founded by E. Max Penzel who based the workshop in Erlbach. Kurt Gerhard Penzel was the third member of the family to lead the business, having moved it first to Stuttgart and then to Ostrach, close to Lake Constance. The workshop is now run by Gerhard´s son and grandson.

About the bow

The mounts are of silver and ebony and the bow weighs 60g. The stick is octagonal in cross section and measures 729 mm.

How does it play?

This violin bow sticks to the string and makes a full, rich sound. It is particularly good at imperceptible bow changes, excelling in legato passages.


The bow is in very good condition. It is stamped K. Gerhard Penzel on the player side above the frog.

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