Violin Bow by Georges Léon Lamy, Paris

Violin Bow by Georges Léon Lamy, Paris

About Georges Léon Lamy

Lamy was born to a bow-making father who trained two of his four sons in the art. Tragically, Georges was killed in 1915 in the First World War: there is every sign that he would have gone to build an even greater name for himself as an important bow maker. His bows are very rare due to his early death and also to the fact that both he and his brother used their father´s stamp, A. Lamy à Paris, masking the true identity of some of the bows.

About the bow

The bow was made in Paris. It weighs 60 grams and the stick measures 732 mm in length. The mounts are of silver and ebony.

How does it play?

This bow has excellent suspension, making it feel very smooth to play. It sinks into the string but bounces well too and creates a big, generous, and warm sound.


The bow is in excellent condition.


The bow comes with the certificate of Bernard Millant. The stick bears the stamp A. Lamy à Paris on the player side above the frog.

Further information

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