Violin bow by Georges Barjonnet, Mirecourt

Violin bow by Georges Barjonnet, Mirecourt

About Georges Barjonnet

Georges Emile Barjonnet is one of the most underappreciated French bow makers of the 20th century. He spent his career working for other bow makers and firms, including Emile August Ouchard, Eugène Cuniot-Hury, the Thibouville-Lamy firm and finally Roger Gerome. Bows which bear his stamp are unusual: this has meant that his very fine work has gone less noticed than that of his peers.

About this violin bow

This bow was made in Mirecourt and bears the brand of the violin maker Georges Apparut. It weighs 60 grams and the mounts are of silver and ebony. The round stick measures 730 mm in length.

How does it sound?

Pleasingly, this bow plays as beautifully as it looks! Its effectiveness comes not from a great strength to the stick, but rather the kaleidoscope of colours it can draw out of the violin.


The bow is in excellent condition.


The bow comes with the certificate of Bernard Millant.

Further information

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