Viola bow by François Xavier Bazin, Mirecourt, circa 1855

Viola bow by François Xavier Bazin, Mirecourt, circa 1855

About François Xavier Bazin

François Xavier was the first bow maker in the great Bazin dynasty. Born in Mirecourt in 1824, Bazin established his own workshop in the town around 1845. It is often thought that Bazin learn from the great Dominique Pecatte due to the influence the latter had on Bazin´s work, however there is no proof of this connection.

Bazin died very young, aged only 41. His workshop was continued by his son and pupil, Charles Nicolas Bazin II. The work of Bazin père is rare and of excellent quality.

About the bow

The bow was made in Mirecourt around 1855. It weighs 66.5 grams and the mounts are of nickel and ebony. The round stick is of ironwood and measures 724 mm in length. Like most of the work of this maker, the bow is modelled after Pecatte.

How does it play?

The bow is supple and grasps the string well, making a great sound. It works very well off the string despite being on the more flexible end of the spectrum. This bow is particularly good at drawing a focussed, resonant sound out of a more fuzzy instrument.


The bow is in very good condition with a replacement button.


It comes with the certificate of Pierre Guillaume, written in 2022.

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